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To help keep your child healthy, it’s important to schedule physicals on a regular basis. At Fayrouz Pediatrics, with two convenient locations in Paterson and Clifton, New Jersey, board-certified pediatrician Hisham Gadalla, MD, and his caring team provide physicals to infants, children, and young adults. To schedule an appointment, call the nearest office or book online today.

Physicals Q&A

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is a comprehensive doctor’s appointment that checks your child’s general health and well-being. 

Physical exams play an important role in keeping your child happy and healthy. They also present an opportunity to ask questions, discuss unusual symptoms, and update vaccines.  

Are there different types of physical exams?

At Fayrouz Pediatrics, the team provides several types of physicals, including:

Traditional physical exam

During a traditional physical exam, a pediatrician checks your child’s vital signs, including their heart rate, respiratory rate, and reflexes, conducts a neurological exam, reviews their medical history, and discusses any underlying health conditions or medical concerns. 

If necessary, your child’s provider updates their immunizations. 

Sports physicals

Many youth sports leagues require participants to undergo a sports physical before the start of a new season. A sports physical is similar to a traditional physical. The only difference is that your child’s provider conducts a series of tests to ensure they’re healthy enough to participate in physical activity.

This usually includes a gait and posture evaluation and a series of range-of-motion exercises. Your Fayrouz Pediatrics provider also gives your child tips and insights that can lower their risk of injury on the court or playing field. 

School physicals

Many public and private schools require students to undergo a physical exam before the start of a new school year. Many school districts also require students to have up-to-date immunization records. 

A school physical follows the same basic pattern of a traditional physical exam. The only difference is that your child’s provider signs and submits paperwork required by your child’s school district. In doing so, your child can enroll without any complications.

How often should I schedule a physical exam for my child?

The team at Fayrouz Pediatrics recommends you schedule a physical exam for your child once every year. If your child has a chronic condition like diabetes or a behavioral disorder like ADHD, more frequent appointments may be necessary.

By scheduling a physical exam at least once a year, you can keep your child healthy. Physicals also present an opportunity for your child to build a relationship with their pediatrician. This can establish a strong foundation for good health later in life.

To schedule a physical exam for your child, call Fayrouz Pediatrics or book online today.